Take your chai game to the next level with our authentic masala chai products. We are on a mission to build a fairer tea and spice trade, one cup of masala chai at a time. We source the finest single-origin tea and spices from sustainable farms across India, and our partners prioritise quality over quantity and use age-old organic practices. We’ve partnered with cafes, restaurants, offices & bars as one of the leading suppliers of authentic masala chai across the UK so everyone can enjoy a real cup of chai.

why is our chai so special?

Single Origin Tea & Spices

from india

family farms

masala chai


Are you looking to create an unforgettable chai experience for your customers? Our masala chai barista is designed to provide a deep and authentic flavour whilst our chai concentrate is the ideal solution for those busy days when speed and convenience are paramount.


Our best-selling masala chai kit is the perfect addition to your product lineup, designed to offer your customers the opportunity to create the best-tasting chai in the comfort of their homes.


Our masala chai concentrate tastes incredible in cocktails. From chai espresso martinis to chai amaretto sours, impress your customers with a new selection of chai infused drinks.

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HOW To Use Our Masala Chai Barista

Simply add 2 tsp (10g) of our masala chai barista to milk, froth and strain!