Our Story

Where It All Started ...

Our Story


Back in 2018, a certain trip to the picturesque Indian Himalayas, Ladakh led me down the path of masala chai.

I fell in love with the drink, and was amazed at how it created a space where people from all walks of life could gather, it didn’t matter whether it was brewed by a streetside chaiwala or someone at a family gathering - not to mention it was absolutely delicious!

The First Cup Of Amala Chai.

I returned to London and finding real masala chai outside my family home was a seemingly impossible task and the sickly sweet chai lattes just weren't cutting it. Fed up, I used my grandma's age-old recipes to open our first chai stall on Brick Lane. Out birthed Amala Chai.

It was a success and created a real buzz, I knew then that the nation of tea lovers yearned for real, traditional masala chai, much like I do.

I Knew
Was Working...

I returned to India and travelled across Assam and Kerala to directly source organic tea and spices. I knew a sustainable supply chain was essential in growing Amala Chai, but the reasons only became more glaring as I found out about the challenges facing the farmers.

In the depths of my search, I finally found the perfect partners who valued sustainable practices and empowering their local community rather than looking for fast profits. Meeting the farmers directly and hearing about the love, care, and toil it takes to produce incredible tea and spices, it didn’t take me long to fall for their farms.



Amala Chai is here to bring flavour to the nation of tea drinkers.

Those who searched far and wide for the golden liquid found on the streets of India can now pick up a steaming cup of freshly brewed masala chai across London or brew in the comfort of their own home. Join me on our masala chai journey and support a new wave of conscientious tea drinking.

From our founder: Akhil Patel