Growing up in a Gujarati household and exploring the diverse culinary landscapes of India, I've had the privilege of savouring the finest Indian flavours. From the rich, aromatic dishes of different states to the incredible regional specialties, Indian cuisine is an endless journey of taste. While it's challenging to replicate the entire spectrum of Indian food in London, I'm excited to share my curated list of must-visit restaurants that promise to tantalize your taste buds.

Tamil Prince

At Tamil Prince, experience the fiery flavours of Tamil Nadu. Don't miss their sensational Chettinad Chicken, a spicy masterpiece that'll transport your taste buds straight to India's southern coast.


Paradise in Soho is your gateway to the heart of Sri Lankan cuisine. Immerse yourself in the sublime taste of their devilled prawns and mutton rolls.


Kricket offers a playful twist on Indian classics. Try their iconic Keralan Fried Chicken, a crispy, flavour-packed dish that'll leave you bowled over!


Dishoom takes you on a culinary journey to the Irani cafés of Bombay. Savour their Bacon Naan Roll with masala chai, an Indian-style breakfast treat that's an absolute game-changer.

Pali Hill

Pali Hill specializes in coastal cuisine from Goa. Be sure to order their Goan Fish Curry – a coastal delight that'll make your taste buds dance.

Darjeeling Express

Darjeeling Express is your ticket to the flavours of Kolkata. Relish their Kathi Rolls, a delectable street food creation that's an explosion of taste in every bite.

Fatt Pundit

Fatt Pundit serves up a fusion of Indian and Chinese cuisines. Their momo dumplings and hakka chilly paneer lettuce cups are a must try!

Akhil Patel 07/09/2023