What is Masala Chai?

A Drink Stepped In Tradition

What is masala chai?


Masala chai is a milky black tea brewed with a blend of aromatic spices, originating in India. Once consumed as a cure for mild ailments, chai has now become a staple of Indian culture.


A base of black tea, masala (spices) and milk makes up your delicious cuppa (adding sugar is your choice).

In India, each household and streetside chaiwala has their own take on the drink - using different tea and spice combinations for unique flavours.


Unlike your average builders brew - masala chai is boiled through in a pan with the milk, tea and spices - creating an experience and taste profile that is unmatched by none.

Our Chai

Originating from old family recipes, we have created a range of traditional masala chais. Each region in India is home to its own variation of masala chai and we want to showcase these regional differences.

Grown in India and brewed in London.

Join us and journey across India through the world of masala chai.

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