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tea & Spices

The current system is broken, resembling the colonial empire's dominance of the tea and spice trade centuries ago. Large corporate players prioritise profits and quantity, squeezing farmers at every stage. Moreover, the flavour of most tea and spices deteriorates as they pass through multiple middlemen before reaching consumers.

As the climate becomes less predictable, and many farmers are looking for jobs elsewhere, it was clear we needed to go further than just sell masala chai.

We've partnered with tea and spice farms across India that aim to bridge the gap between sensitive farmers and conscious consumers.

Our partners prioritise quality, sustainable organic practices, and empowering their local community instead of pursuing quick profits.

By sourcing our ingredients directly, we eliminate middlemen and establish authentic relationships with those on the ground, ensuring you experience nothing short of the best.

Each time you savour a cup of Amala Chai, you actively support a new system of tea and spice trade that ensures small-scale farming is a sustainable occupation.

Your contribution plays a vital role in supporting their remarkable mission. Read on below to see how it all comes together.

Our founder Akhil with our partners in Kerala

Where does your money go?


We purchase fair trade & organic tea and spices.


Raw cost of produce provides instant support to farming families.


Additional premiums on products through fair trade and organic prices are received by the cooperative - a centralized hub.


The cooperative distributes funds as subsidized loans to certain groups of rural farmers to access goods and infrastructure for organic farming.


Premiums also fund further initiatives like soil testing and organic manure units.


Once farmers/ groups have paid back the initial subsidized loans, it’s then given to another group of farmers in a fully sustainable cycle.